Sabrex Wheat PB (planter box)

SabrEx for Wheat Inoculant

  • Typical yield responses of 4 to 5 bushels per acre
  • The newest result from a decade of land grant seed treatment research
  • Contains a patent pending formulation that can induce resistance to stresses such as disease or drought.
  • Creates bigger root systems and increases tillering
  • Proven to increase efficiency in fertilizer and water use
  • Easy to apply on your farm or with your commercial seed treater/dealer
  • Produces results when used alone or with your seed fungicide program

SabrEx is a seed treatment that contains a commercial and hybrid combination of soil fungi that enhances wheat plant growth, increases fertilizer and water efficiency and can induce resistance to disease or water stress. SabrEx is different from traditional fungicides in that it grows season long with the root system. SabrEx is the latest generation of products from a line of research programs that are worldwide. This line was developed primarily at the Agricultural Research Station at the Cornell Land Grant University. ABM has collaborated with Cornell for over a decade and has already marketed the earlier generation of these products on millions of acres of US wheat. SabrEx represents the next generation of efficacy.

SabrEx is applied as a seed treatment and can be applied either on the farm or by a commercial seed treater or dealer. Its low use rate and formulation can actually assist in seeding accuracy. It can work as a stand-alone treatment or co-applied with standard wheat fungicide seed treatments SabrEx is a commercial combination of beneficial organisms that colonize roots and transmit a range of benefits to the wheat plant. Its patent pending formulation creates SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) response in wheat plants and can induce resistance to stresses such as disease or drought. It creates bigger root systems that directly contribute to more efficient use of lower amounts of fertilizer and soil moisture. Typical yield response is 4 to 5 bushels per acre.

SabrEx is best on medium to low fertility soils or fields that are droughty or have limited rainfall. In high fertility or irrigated ground, SabrEx can still provide alleviation of stress from disease and will contribute to the more efficient use of fertilizer and water. SabrEx is economical to use - one 48 ounce pail will treat 96 bushel of wheat.

One pail treats 4800# of wheat seed.

Sabrex Wheat PB (planter box)
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